Bob Intel.

Everything you wanted to know about Bob's relationship with games but were afraid to ask, plus some basic contact information.  For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a commercial website but a hobby for Bob's own amusement :)

Favourite games

It's 1997, a school trip to London from Newtonmore.  We visit the hotel bar, and there is Pong, and my love affair with computer games begins :)  Limited access to arcades so moved to consoles, home computers, a few more consoles, then PC gaming.

Classic Arcade Favourites:


Console Favourites:
Asteroids,  Sonic,  Dragon's Fury,  Streets of Rage,  Micro Machines, Alien 3,  Tomb Raider,  Halo,  Project Gotham Racing,  Rainbow Six.

Apple IIe (School),  ZX81,  ZX Spectrum,  Commodore 64,  VAX/VMS (College),  Memotech MTX 500,  Atari ST,  Amstrad PCW,  PC.

Computer Favourites:
Manic Miner,  Jet Set Willy,  Atic Atac,  The Hobbit,  Midnight Resistance,  Populous,  Lemmings,  Doom,  Warcraft/II/III,   Stronghold,  Desktop Tower Defence,  World of Tanks,  Fortnite.

 Early Projects 

Started in 1982, tweaking the BASIC of some ZX81 games, then quickly moved to the ZX Spectrum, picking up a bit of Z80 assembly language.  Main project was a Manic Miner level and graphics editor, which to this day is the projects I'm most proud of.  Created some other small personal games in various BASICs, with first public release being a series of free javascript browser games, mostly with a polar bear theme.

Unforntuelty my PolarBearGames have not stood up well to the introduction of responsive tablet/phone browsers.  But have included some screenshots in the gallery section for nostalgia's sake :)   Hope to work on their compatibility at some point in the future.

My current games and edits are detailed on the Created and Edited pages.  Enjoy :)

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